STEAM Teachers and Sales positions are open in following area:

  • Princeton, New Jersey
  • 海淀, 北京 (Haidian, Beijing)
  • 昌平, 北京 (Changping, Beijing)

Full Time STEAM Teachers Wanted (PRS, Princeton NJ)

PRS school which is committed to providing the best STEAM or CODING education for children aged 5-14, is looking for an individual who is enthusiastic, motivated and creative and enjoys working with children . This position is mainly focused on teaching students LEGO robotics, Coding, Wedo, Sphero. We’ll provide a curriculum, lesson plans, and all other necessary materials. New graduates from local education programs are strongly encouraged to apply.

Responsibilities include:

  • Lesson preparation
  • Classes are instructor-led self-paced and students may progress at different paces
  • Parent communication: written evaluations
  • General office duties (when not teaching) such as but not limited to: filing, e-mails, answering phones, process registrations
  • Communicating and cooperating with school administrators, school staff, etc.
  • Performing related duties as assigned.

Required Education Level: Bachelor’s degree (Education major preferred)

Required skills/experience:

  • Articulate, excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • MUST have experience working with children ages 6 and older
  • Willing to learn and incorporate new teaching methods from lead teacher
  • Team player, self-starter, hard-working, safety conscious
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office, e-mail, and feels very comfortable with using the internet and social media
  • Must have excellent people skills

Job Type: Full-time

兵团教官招募 (海淀/昌平, 北京)



  1. 教授乐高/慧鱼等积木课程,教授乐高机器人课程;
  2. 积极与学员和家长沟通交流,完成课程目标;
  3. 参与教学点日常管理工作;
  4. 参与教研活动,完成教研相关任务。


  1. 喜欢孩子,有与孩子相关工作经验者优先;
  2. 善于沟通表达,逻辑清晰,能够与孩子及家长交流互动;
  3. 动手能力、创造力强,熟悉儿童科技教育;
  4. 对积木及机器人感兴趣,熟悉乐高积木或机器人者优先;
  5. 有责任心,认真细心,完美主义者优先;
  6. 有自信,乐于接受挑战。


  1. 每周单休,部分工作时间会调休至六日及晚间;
  2. 底薪面议,全员五险一金;
  3. 有授课补贴、绩效奖金,每月交通及餐饮补助。