Exploring the world of Robotics

Our Goals

  • To cultivate curiosity and excitement for learning
  • To develop the ability and find resources to self-study
  • To process information systematically and rationally
  • To nurture creativity
  • To gain attention, focus, control and resilience in the face of challenging tasks
  • To encourage teamwork and communication skills
  • To be able to bounce back from failure

Our Belief

  • Interest and curiosity are the most basic motivations for learning. The art of education is to awaken the curiosity of the child so that they can pursue knowledge for themselves.
  • Imagination is more important than knowledge; the attempt is more important than the outcome; cooperation is more important than ability; and happiness is more important than achievement.
  • Growth is not only about the study of knowledge, but also about an interest in continuous learning and exploration.

Learning Path