AMC 8/10

Our Mission is to help students prepare AMC8 and AMC10 for upcoming math competitions. If you are already ahead, you are welcome to join the intermediate level directly.

Enchanted Forest (Art program)

Campers will read illustrated work for inspiration, then sketch with the art instructor. Campers will learn to notice details on plants, and the way color shifts with the natural light in the day. When nature studies are complete, students will imagine creatures to put into their Enchanted Forest. Illustrations can accompany a written story if the campers wish.


Summer Chess Camp will be taught by IM Farai Mandizha. It will be a combination of  structured lessons that improves critical thinking, problem solving and unrated tournament games. We will have all levels from beginners, intermediate to advanced.


Debate is a course for students who want to learn to express themselves effectively. Students will learn the techniques for building and delivering a successful speech. They will participate in formal and informal debates and forums on current topics.  In addition, students will learn how to critique, analyze and question speeches and debates delivered by others. The focus will be on developing strong communicators and critical thinkers.


The Summer Stage Program is designed to foster a sense of cooperation and ensemble in young artists. Students will explore characters and their relationships through acting games and scenes which will cause them to ask and answer questions about their characters’ lives and choices. Vocal skills, both speaking and singing, will also be a major part of the 2 week program, and students will become more confident performing in front of an audience, whether at a concert, theatre production, or class presentation. Improving interpersonal skills through both work and play is the goal.

Fun Activities

Children will participate in fun activities such as, mad science experiments, math games, cooking, art, soccer, ping pong, and even zumba!

Fun Math & Math Puzzles

Have fun with puzzles, numbers, strategy, logic and lots of games and activities. Your math skills and thinking will be sharpened in a fun and engaging environment.

Reading & Writing (Grade 3 – 5)

Our Mission is to provide a balanced program where children’s innate curiosity is enriched and nurtured. Children receive instructions on how to structure papers as they write across many subject areas in a creative, purposeful, and convincing manner.

Reading & Writing (Grade 6 – 8)

The course Language Arts will focus on all aspects of the writing process. Students will concentrate on the fundamentals of grammar and composition, including (but not limited to) subject-verb agreement, verb tense consistency, parallel structure, and proper diction and syntax. Students will also work on other writing skills, including thesis formation, transitioning, and vocabulary. Finally, students will read selected passages from both fiction and non-fiction pieces to strengthen both their reading comprehension and critical writing skills.

Robotics & Programming (Grade K – 8)

In this class, students are inspired to think creatively with their hands. For younger students, they will explore robotics world through building and programming robots with Sphero, Dash, and LEGO Wedo. For older and more experienced students, they will work on robotics projects with LEGO EV3 as well as programming in Scratch and Python based on their age and knowledge.

SSAT test Prep Verbal

The verbal section is one of the main sections on the SSAT, which requires an extensive vocabulary. In this class, students will study new words, learn common prefixes, suffixes, and root words, as well as identifying analogy types. Also they will learn how to properly use the new vocabulary.